About Us

On the 10th anniversary of Clean India Show , Clean India Journal proudly introduce d Clean India Awards to recognise the best efforts put in not only by the cleaning professionals but also by individuals , groups and government departments .

The Awards and the Award Ceremony created great excitement among the Indian Cleaning Industry.

Cleanliness & hygiene is indisputably an integral part of “liveable” life and India is now working up to this reality.

The Awards also brings forth the importance of innovations and effectiveness in cleaning practices to keep our country clean.

In short, it also represents the growing awareness in our country for professional cleaning and need for healthier built and external environment.

With the introduction of the Awards, Clean India Journal accomplishes yet one more of its objectives:

“To promote and encourage national and international interest in “Cleanliness & hygiene”.

The Award encourages

  • Individuals & companies in the Cleaning Industry for their efforts in promoting professional cleaning;
  • Civic bodies in their efforts & contribution towards creating clean liveable surroundings;
  • Individuals for their outstanding contribution towards maintaining cleanliness/sanitation as a citizen of India;
  • Cleaning employee/cleaner for his/her ceaseless hard work and dedication in keeping premises clean
  • Institutions in following cleaning standards

We are the spirit of cleanliness.

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